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June 3, 2022
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TRACKLIST A1: On & On Play all 1 tracks WildRecords is thrilled to release this twisted reinterpretation of the legendary US underground disco medley, “On & On” by Mach. A certified party banger, heavily rotated on some of Berlin’s finest dance floors, it finally merits its place on a single-sided 12”. Crossing between disco’s darkest edges and uplifting ballroom dance music—with hints of Düsseldorf’s beste elektronische musik, Summer’s seductive ‘Bad Girls,’ and P. Cowley’s mystical touch—this mischievous record will suit a variety of DJ sets and is sure to make the crowd sweat wild. “On & On” by Mach is the record that inspired Jesse Saunders’ “On and On”, released in January 1984 on Chicago’s Jes Say Records. The story goes that Saunder’s copy of Mach’s record was stolen one night, so he decided to create his own version—marking the birth of House music.