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De Lichting is back for their second double vinyl album titled; “Twee”. The collective showcases a genuinely sensitive and pure sound resulting in an emotionally charged album. The A-side kicks off with Boris Acket & Kaap. The live and improvised performance “De Tuin” starts as a percussive soundscape and evolves into light footed ambiance, which resonates to a designated chill-out space, followed by “Verwar” of Eversines. A darker hedonistic cut thanks to its atonal pads and heavy but sensual low end. A polyrhythmic breakbeat is introduced, which releases the tension and clears all the grey clouds to its sonic spectrum. Human Space Machine & queniv take over the B-side this time, working their way through an emotional techno journey with Human Space Machine’s “Feels” and the most apocalyptical techno banger we’ve heard from queniv so far called “U.I.C”. Switching records to the second vinyl, we start on the C-side with Boris Acket’s “Humming”, a house anthem sure to jerk the tears of euphoric dancers. Continuing, three other cuts which are Nathan Surreal’s “Chaos In The Echoes”; a mental deep weapon, queniv’s museum inspired experiment “Kruller Muller” and “Onvoorwaardelijk” by RDS. C4 lives up to its number; blowing up clubs with a lovely sensitive yet dangerous electro bomb of a track. When the concluding side is put on, we’re taken aback by Kaap’s “Hartzeer”, a heart aching combo of 707 drums, grungy textures and a rolling 16th bass, which goes right in the feels. RDS is featured a second time on D2 with “Haat & Liefde”, resulting in the most acoustic sounding track on the compilation before we end with Eversines’ “2Anticipate”. An ambient cut where the 303 acid synth has hardly ever sounded so soft, tender and more sincere than you’d expect. And so, the album is wrapped up and implies a feeling of a new start to the next compilation.